Housing Choice Voucher
Snyder County “Section 8” Housing
How It Works

                Housing Choice Voucher Program                     (Section 8 Rental Assistance)

The Housing Choice Voucher  (HCV) program is funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This program works together with the landlord, the Snyder County Housing Authority, and the applicant to provide rental assistance to eligible families.  Through a Shared Jurisdiction Agreement with the Housing Authority of Union County, Voucher holders are able to find suitable housing in either Snyder or Union Counties but are administered through the Snyder County Housing Authority.  Preferences are provided to victims of natural disaster (Category 1) , those who live or work in Snyder County (Category 2),  and those who live or work in Union County (Category 3).  All applicants that do not have a preference will be categorized in Category 4.    In order to apply and qualify for a Housing Choice Voucher, there are six steps you need to take.

STEP 1 : Application & Eligibility

Applications are available 24/7 outside of the Housing Authority office in the forms box. Eligibility is based on:

1a. Income eligibility

Income includes, but is not limited to: Wages, Child Support, Social Security, SSI, SSP, Pension, Public Assistance, VA Benefits, Military Allotment, income from assets, payments-in-kind (when bills are paid or items are given in lieu of cash). Income limits are as follows

1 person$28,600.00
2 persons$32,650.00
3 persons$36,750.00
4 persons$40,800.00
5 persons$44,100.00
6 persons$47,350.00
7 persons$50,600.00
8 persons$53,900.00

Must qualify as a family or evidence of a stable relationship. A stable relationship is having lived together for at least six months, and providing evidence of such relationship such as birth certificates of children, a joint tax return, prior lease held jointly, joint bank accounts, insurance policies, prior joint credit history, or equivalent documentation as determined by the Housing Authority.

1b. Criminal History

1c. Prior subsidized housing history

STEP 2 : Interview

When your name reaches the top of the waiting list, you will be scheduled for an interview to determine your eligibility and any preferences you may have. Download your interview packet here.  Do NOT provide this unless you have been asked to do so, you will complete them at the time of your interview.

STEP 3 : Video Briefing and Issuing of Voucher

Once you have been determined eligible, you will be required to attend a Video Briefing wherein the Housing Choice Voucher Program will be explained to you and you will be issued a Voucher based on the bedroom size you are eligible. You will have an initial sixty (60) days to locate housing.

  • The maximum housing Assistance you are eligible for will be calculated by deducting 30% of your adjusted from the payment standard for the bedroom size of your Voucher.
  • You will pay between 30% – 40% of your adjusted gross monthly income.

STEP 4 : Submit a Request for Tenancy Approval

Upon submission, the rent must be certified as reasonable and a determination made that you will not be paying more than 40% of your income.

STEP 5 : Pass Unit Inspection

All units must be inspected and certified to meet Housing Quality Standards.

STEP 6 : Sign Contracts

The owner of the rental unit must sign a Housing Assistance Payments Contract with the Housing Authority. A lease is also required between you and the Owner, with a HUD Tenancy Addendum attached. Obligations of all parties will be outlined, and the amount of rental assistance you will receive.

Participant Requirements

What are the Requirements to Receive a Housing Choice Voucher?

  •  Housing Assistance Payments: Payments continue to be paid to your landlord providing that you abide by the terms and conditions of your Lease and your Voucher.
  • Reporting Changes: All changes in family income, composition, or other factors that affect your eligibility must be reported in writing on a Change Form within ten days of such change. Failure to report timely may result in overpaid rental assistance and must be reimbursed to the Housing Authority.
  • Lease Obligations: You must not violate the terms of your Lease. Take care of your unit, pay your rent and utilities timely.
  • Voucher Obligations: You must not violate any of your Family Obligations outlined in your Voucher. If you do, you may risk the termination of your participation.
  • Moves: You may not move during your first year. Thereafter, you are permitted one move a year. To request a move, click here to download a moves and portability form.
  • Annual Recertification: You must complete a recertification process annually. This consists of verification of all household income, family composition, and allowable expenses. You will be required to complete, sign and return your annual recertification packet. Your payments will be adjusted based on your current income, any change in utility allowance, and payment standards. Your unit will also be reinspected every other year to make sure that it complies with Housing Quality Standards.
Have you received your Briefing Packet from the Housing Authority?
Watch the briefing video.

Getting Started

To apply for rental assistance, you must pick up an application at the Snyder County Housing Authority.  Applications are in a forms box located on the outside of the building. Completed applications must be returned to the Snyder County Housing Authority by either mail or drop-off. Due to high demand, it can take a few weeks or sometimes months to review your application. Once reviewed, you will be contacted to schedule an eligibility interview.

Already Had Your Interview?

Following your interview, you will be required to watch a briefing enrollment video before your voucher will be issued.

We’re Here to Help

Finding affordable housing can seem confusing. We’re here to help. Contact the Snyder County Housing Authority for assistance.